Top 10 best Facebook Features

Top 10 Best Facebook Features For 2016 Update

The changes to Facebook in 2016 are new to Facebook, but aren’t new to the social landscape. Facebook appears to be borrowing the best aspects of other popular services and integrating them into Facebook as a central hub.

For communication professionals, this means that the ways that you can communicate on Facebook are expanding and are increasing in complexity.

Facebook Live Video (For All)

Usage of these apps remains low, which may give Facebook Live Video an opportunity to become the go-to-live-streaming app rather quickly. No additional app is needed to use this feature: the live Video content prompt is located in the normal “Update Status” prompt in the mobile app.

Facebook Professional Services

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook actively prompts you to review the places you’ve been. If you check in at or tag a location, odds are Facebook will ask you to elaborate about your experience…. And (of course) this is purposeful.

Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work is Facebook’s (currently in beta) enterprise solution, and they have a pretty compelling sales pitch: an enterprise social solution with functionality that most people are familiar with. For communication professionals, this means that in the near future you may perform internal communication in a closed Facebook ecosystem.

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Improved Search

When Facebook quietly dropped Bing as the search provider powering Facebook’s Internet search, few people knew that Bing’s replacement would be Facebook itself. In October, Facebook rolled out an improved search function opening up all public posts as well as improved intelligence to inform personalized results.

Uber/lyft integration Through Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently announced integration of Uber and Messenger where users can now request an Uber ride through the Messenger app. Similar, integration with Lyft is purportedly forthcoming. While the communication implications of this additional feature are probably slight, it’s worth noting that Facebook users may start using Messenger instead of the native apps to use these services.

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Facebook Shopping Tab

Back in July, Facebook added a “buy” button and allowed e-commerce partners to sell products on Facebook through Shopify. Even though the results of social shopping were disappointing for Facebook this year, Facebook appears poised to expand their e-commerce offerings in 2016.

Instant Articles

In May of this year, Facebook introduced Instant Articles for iOS, a feature that allow publishers to have their content distributed and viewed directly within the Facebook app. Just recently, Instant Articles was expanded to Android devices as well. A feature designed to mimic Snapchat’s agile, unique content, Instant Articles can be viewed in nearly all mobile devices with great reach than Snapchat or the similar Apple News App.


The new Facebook Events allows you to do all of the following in a very user-friendly environment:

  • Browse Invitations
  • Accept/decline invitations (public and private)
  • Bookmarks
  • RSVPs
  • Schedules
  • Calendar entries
  • Ticket buying
  • Check-ins
  • Photos

Non-profit Crowdfunding

Utilizing the Facebook “donate” button and Facebook’s platform and distribution, nonprofits may be able to fundraise more effectively on Facebook than with other crowdfunding sites.

Music Stories

Facebook recently rolled out their “Music Stories” feature, which gives users the capability to preview 30 second snippets of music from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, NPR and other sources. It is currently only available for iOS but will be available for desktop use soon.

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