abdul kalam unknown facts

Indians had lost exceptionally talented and unbelievably humble political leaders, president and scientists A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on 27th July 2015. Born on 15 October 1931 at Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, legend Abdul Kalam was known as “Missile Man”. As the world know about the Abdul Kalam, his contribution to Nation India his inspiration about life, his motivation quotes and speech. In spite of achieving such a majestic success on his life, he always accepts the plainness and humankind.

Abdul Kalam was familiar to people as a well-known scientist, contributed a key role in incentive the India’s Space Technology. In spite the fact that, rare people know about the manifold life of Kalam. Here below Abdul Kalam unknown facts that supports he was a man of the people who seems to be averse to plainness and humankind life.

Abdul Kalam Unknown Facts:
  • Kalam deny the President’s Chair:

At IIT(BHU) Varanasi when he was offered to seat he denied and it was the Abdul Kalam unknown facts that you may not no. Actually, in the event five chairs were on the stage and one chair of the center which was bigger in the size and its meant to give special respect to Kalam.

When the official of BHU said to seat he took notice and kindly denied and request the seat the university official instead. Here after, we could notice is simplicity of life style.

  • Great-hearted Kalam towards nature:

Abdul Kalam said,” If we put broken glass at the wall for protection, birds were unable to perch on the wall.” You may not know why he said and whom he said. And, this was the Abdul Kalam unknown facts that many people were don’t listened.

This happened at Defense Research and Development Organization when the organization had make planned to put broken glass on the wall for the protection cover. Kalam directly denied even thinking about again.

  • Eloquent Peroration to 400 Students without electricity:

Kalam was ready to address the students at a school function after he had being president. All students were ready with enthusiasm to listen. Unfortunately, the current went off as Kalam was about to start his oration. Official tried to fix but nothing worked out. At that time he told all the students came near and said his eulogy speech with insouciant despite the current cut-off. He gave continuously 1 hours enthrall speech. That the one best Abdul Kalam unknown facts that you may not know yet!! how folk he was…

  • Donate All Save Money:

Abdul Kalam donated all his saved money, which he had saved at the time being president of India, for the social service. According to what had being said, he gave saved money to ‘PURA’ NGO, which is working in the rural places to assist villages’ basic needs. Probably, you may be aware about this, Abdul Kalam unknown facts, that he was single. So he said government of India will take care of him life long so he didn’t need money.

  • Read Kuran and Bhagvad Gita:

As Abdul Kalam is Muslim by birth but he believed all the religion. He used to read both Kuran and Bhagvad Gita which are from Hindu religions. And the last Abdul unknown facts that makes you astonished was that he was expert in playing Saraswati and Veena.

Everyone averred that he was truly a simple man with simple life with greathearted and noble mind.