agriculture problem

Agriculture problem in Nepal like irrigation, transportation and lack of agriculture education are still facing by the Nepalese farmers. Although, Nepal is known as the agriculture country,but agriculture problem makes it embraces the Nepalese. farmers haven’t get opportunity to play with modern technology with their fields. Agriculture problem in Nepal is rising in order annually and farmers are force to change their occupation. Traditional occupation of crops is still prevailing in Nepal. It’s not the choice of farmers but their reality.


 Agriculture includes Horticulture, floriculture and animal husbandry. Talking about different places in Nepal, people make excuse of the land escapes: hills, terai and mountain. What‘s a big deal if we can’t grow paddy in Himalayan/mountain region, the thing is we can focus on livestock and herb cultivation. We shouldn’t worry if mangoes are not grown in hills, we can exchange them with oranges. Terai, being the granary of Nepal, can have healthy eating of apples of the mountain. Crops should be planted according to the soil condition and climate. Otherwise, the labor is like to put water in sand i.e. worthless.

In addition, irrigation facility is also a challenge. Farmers are unable to irrigate their field with blond and toil which is the major agriculture problem to them. Though the concept had arose by Rana’s regime, the praiseworthy development on irrigation have not been made till today. Dehydrated plants have to dried and died.

Furthermore, another agriculture problem of Nepal is farmers are lack marketing skills and also the poor network of roadways block the distribution of crops and plants. The middle man is in profit. Producers/Farmers do not get the real price i.e. deserving price of their productions and consumers have to pay high. For examples, the contractors buy at Rs 10 /Kg from farmers and they sell at Rs 50 /kg to the consumers. Here, the third person is benefited.

As already mentioned, poor people are the one who involve in farming is the reality of agriculture problem. It is needless to say they are landless. Although the issues of “Land Reform Act” was imitated in early days, its implementation is unfair. Farmers are under poverty since what they grow is limited only up to the durance of their debts. Here, the landowners don’t even know the cattle calculation of the land where the farmers have to struggle even for a small plot.

We had studied much more about agriculture in school level. More than 80% of people are engaged in agriculture. Even though, we are importing agriculture products from foreign. We hopes any kinds of agriculture problems is totally eradicated in near future. Much more policies and planes which are contextual to Nepal should be made and implemented to eradicate this agriculture problem.Agriculture solution like technology, infrastructures, markets and education which promote and increase the agriculture production should available among the farmers to eradicate this agriculture problem.