agriculture solution

Agriculture Solution Yeah! Where there is a challenge (problem), there is a remedy (solution).  Despite of numbers of agriculture problem and challenges, we can assist the country introducing agro-products as its backbone. In order to solve the problem of agriculture in Nepal, we have to do a lot in:

AGRICULTURE SOLUTIONagriculture solution
  • Technology
  • Infrastructures
  • Motivation of Youths
  • Planning and policies etc.

Firstly, technology based farming is to be introduced which is the important agriculture solution that should be implemented as soon as possible for sustained development.  If it is done, then agricultural revolution isn’t a huge term. We can grow a lot using less physical effort. The chicaneries, improved seed, fertilizers should be used.

Secondly, agriculture solution is the infrastructures such as of irrigation, canal, transportation etc. should be developed so that the exchange of goods is easier. As a result, apples grown in Mustang can be tasted by people in Terai and the rice grown there can be the meal of the Himalayan. If there are hospitable transportation then only, high price of agriculture products are reduce slowly.

Thirdly, Agriculture solution by motivating the youths of Nepal; pillars of Nepal. There is a bad concept among the YOUTHS that agriculture is to be done by old people or the poor one only. This is to be changed. Youths are interested towards the foreign money thinking there is no opportunities in Nepal. Also, if someone try to do it, there is lack of money or the support. Government should provide easy and cheap loans to these energetic youths. The banks are providing loan free amount 80 Lakhs for adult farmers. This is praiseworthy.

Final agriculture solution is to change in plans and policies must be done in agriculture sectors. Unless, the written rules are implemented, there is no future for agriculture in Nepal. Investors should be loved to invest in the country and the workers should be loved to invest in the country and the workers should be encouraged to work on the land. As an effective plan is half done of the work, reasonable plans which can be executed are to be made

To give a capsule, agriculture is yet under shadow though Nepal is so called agricultural land. There is a lot to do in the field of agriculture solution in Nepal. People and government should move parallel in order to achieve the target so the agriculture problem faced by farmer is totally eradicated.  Yeah, Nepal yields the power to feed other hungry brothers too only if plans are in action, youths are in field, investors are on land and technology is in hand, Nepal holds the cub-age to feed certain people of about 80 crores of living in about 98 countries under poverty line.