America immigration or travel might be interest of millions of people. The successful country of world with best living quality and security with tons of opportunity are major attraction to anyone in this world propelling for America immigration. In recent years the number of America immigration has count around 40 million per year. In taking immigration an account America immigration is around 20% of all the migration happens in world, which is the higher of all.

America immigration can be done temporarily and permanently through following ways.

America Immigration (Non-immigrant Visa)

  1. Student Visa (student exchange program) – You can apply to a collage for your academic purpose to study and go there. Remember that student visa is temporary. You must show sufficient financial resources to study there. There should be strong ties with your country that draws you to your country after completion of the study. For this visa it is highly recommended that you must convince the counselor with the above contents as all the power to issue a visa of America is given to consular.
  2. Business, pleasure and medicinal visa – The rule for ties comply as above. For business and medicinal purpose you may apply showing enough reasons.
  3. Job – Get a job offer from America ns apply for the same to get the status.

Permanent America Immigration

  1. Relation direct with U.S citizen – Spouse, parents , children’s below 21 years of age, unmarried siblings are the relations on which a U.S citizen can file a petition for permanent immigration.
  2. Permanent immigration through job – This is a very long and lengthy process. First you must apply for labor certification from labor department. Then companies in U.S must show very strong desire to hire you.
  3. Permanent immigration through refugee status- This can be done if you have sufficient threat to return your country.
  4. Diversity Visa lottery Program (DV program) – Every year more than 50,000 of people are selected through this lottery and are welcomed to United States for permanent residence. The lottery is opened to citizen of those countries which has low immigration rates of America. Every year on October it is open to register for around one month and the result comes out in march of next year.

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