Apple Wireless Charging iPhone

Apple is reportedly developing a long range wireless charging technology for their iPhone and iPad line. Sounds great—but if you look at is closely, it seems more “smoke and mirrors” than practical.

iPhone: Apple Could Deliver Wireless Charger for Mobile Devices as Soon as 2017, Report Says Apple is developing the technology that would allow its iPhones and iPads to be charged without using the current charging mats, Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed sources.

Apple Wireless Charging iPhone 7 and iPad’s in 2017

Apple is working with partners in the U.S. and Asia to develop new wireless charging technology that could be deployed on its mobile devices as soon as next year, Bloomberg reports.
According to the reports, new iPhone product will be without 3.4 mm headphone jack and iPhone 7 will no longer requires a power charger. As per the rumors, the wireless technology will not be dependent on a charging mat.

Sure Samsung and other Android handsets have offered devices that can charge wireless. But placing the mobile on the mat or stand that is plugged in to power does mean its wireless charging? Now the Apple has said that it is working on wireless charging similar to how you get wireless internet or WiFi as early as 2017.

Anybody who is worried about possible health effects from cell phones, cell phone towers, WiFi, environmental microwaves, and all the other wireless devices currently being marketed, should be extra hesitant about wireless charging. The studies so far show that the more energy being radiated, the greater the correlation with cancer and other diseases. A cell phone has a radio transmitter powerful enough to reach the nearest tower, which is why you advised not to hold one near your head for prolonged periods. Wireless charging will involve orders of magnitude more energy, and could be harmful enough for even fools to take notice!!

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