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Since last decade Japan is the most growing platform for the international students for their study. Due to its advancement in technology and opportunity for the employment many student makes their destination to Japan. The greatest appeal to study in Japan is its excellent academic environment and best opportunities for the international student to enroll in job easily. Universities and colleges offer wide range of course for undergraduate and graduate studies as well as in the field of research programs. Universities and colleges are well equipped with the modern technologies and facilities.

Processing for Study Japan

Primarily those students who are planning to study in Japan should enroll for the Japanese Language Course for at least six months in their home country. Once they have successfully completed their basic level of Japanese Language Course in their home country they are eligible to get enroll in the Japanese school, colleges or University. It is to be noted that they have to complete the Secondary Japanese Language Course in Japan before they get enroll into their major. The time duration to complete their Language Course will depend on their proficiency level. Generally this time duration for study will last for one to two years.

Documents Required for Study in Japan
  • All academic certificate
  • At least 6 months (160 hrs) of Japanese Language Training certificate
  • Work experience certificate if available
  • Relationship Certificate of applicant with sponsor for e.g. with Father and Mother
  • Certificate of property valuation
  • Certificate of tax clearance and income source of sponsor
  • Certificate of Bank Balance from the A class Bank
  • Certificate of Police report for not involving in any criminal activities and drugs abuse
  • Certificate from the register doctor that the applicant is physically and mentally sound
  • 12 copies of passport size photographs
  • Copy of Valid passport

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