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Australia immigration from Nepal has really paced up since 10 years. People are reaching there either through student visa or a qualified skilled manpower. A student visa to any country is always determined to be a non-immigrant visa. To qualify for the student visa it is imminent to show strong ties with your country. The strong ties can be the financial resource you have in your home country, the relations and the job. Whereas to qualify for the PR of the Australia you must be eligible through the point system set by the Australian government. Australia immigration is possible through these two methods.

  • Australia immigration through student visa is temporary and
  • Australia  immigration through the skilled manpower application is a permanent.

In this article we will be discussing details of Australia immigration process that includes during application of the students visa to study in Australia.

Australia Immigration through students visa includes following process:

Step One:

Take an Ielts Exam and score at least 6.5. For studying bachelor level, an average score can be 6 and for masters it should be necessarily 6.5. In some cases, collage will accept you with under 6.5 but you  must read English there for certain months.

Step two:

Gather all academic documents and search the collage/university for you to study in Australia. After finding the collage/university go to the site of that collage and fill an online application.

Step Three:

To complete an application fee you have to pay certain application fee as per the collage/university rule. The payment can be done from various bank of Nepal.

Step Four:

The collage or university will reply for the admission if you are totally eligible for the program you choose to study there. If you are accepted you will receive the offer letter.

Step Five:

Now after getting the offer letter you must move toward applying the visa. Before applying visa, you must concentrate that you should show enough financial resource which can support your study.

Step Six:

Australian High Commission truly authenticated only two banks of Nepal. The two banks are Nabil and SBI Bank. Through these banks you must show the transaction or the student loan. The student loan must cover 80% of your fee and you must have 20 % deposit in your bank.

Step Seven:

To get loan you must have sufficient income source. If you want to have 40 Lakhs of student loan from bank then you must at least have 80 thousand Nepali rupee income per month. Or you may put a lump sum of 40 to 50 lakhs in bank and show the transaction as required.

Step Eight:

When the financial documents are ready you must move to apply for visa to Australia High Commission. They may take your phone/skype interview.

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