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1)Talakjung vs Tulke:

“Talakjung vs Tulke” is the most successful Nepali movie directed by new coming young director-“Nischal Basnet”. This movie is the most awarded movie in Nepal. This movie is selected for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88TH Academy Awards, won NEFTA Award 2015, Film Critics Award 2015, National Film Award 2015. The most popular actor of Nepal; “Dayahang Rai” is featuring as the guest role in the movie. “Kahgendra Lamichane” has the leading role in the movie and is also written by him. We can see the most popular actress of Nepal, “Richa Sharma” in this movie. The story of movie is based on the Maoist Civil war and its consequences to the normal people at that situation.


“Kabaddi” the most super hit Nepali Movie in the history. It won the Best Movie Award 2015. “Ram Babu Gurung” is the director of this movie. Dahayang Rai, Nischal Basnet, Rishma Gurung and so on are the main characters of this movie. The most uniqueness of the movie is that all the actions and the fight in the story are real, moreover the slang words and overall language is typically Nepali.  Almost of 80% part of the movie is recorded in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, “Mustang”.  The triangular love story is nicely presented in this movie.


“Maun” is the story of deaf and mute character. Namrata Shrestha and Arpan Thapa are the leading characters of this movie. Suraj Bhusal directed this movie and this movie the different style most popular Nepali movie. Maun is the simple love story movie presented in different way. The best part of this movie is the presentation and the flow of story. You will not regret by watching this movie.

4)Resham Filili:

Resham Filili is the best Nepali comedy movie in the history. The songs of this movie are fantastic and super cool. This movie is directed by “Pranab Joshi”;  Kameshor Chaurasiya, Menuka Pradhan and Shisheer Bangdel are the major characters. The presentation of this movie is far better than other Nepali comedy movies. This movie is highly recommended movie you must watch.

5)Chankhe Sankhe Pankhe:

“Chankhe Sankhe Pankhe” is the most awaited Nepali movie. The releasing date of this movie is postpone to 25th  September  2015. This movie is directed by most successful director of Nepal “Sudarshan Thapa”.  It is expected to break all the records in the Nepali movie history by this movie. Subash Thapa, Sudarshan Thapa, Prem Puri , Pooja Sharma, Nadita KC and Rajaram Paudel can be seen in this movie.

Other Best Nepali Movie You Must Watch



*Hostel Returns

*Highway To Dhampus




*Sano Sansar

*Wada No 6


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