best valentine special message
Best Valentine Special  Message For Girlfriend
  1. My love for you will never end. There are no two thoughts, nor pretend, Since the time I say you, I have fallen in love with you. That time I had no clue, That I won’t be able to live without you, Baby, today I want you know, Though I don’t have many words to show That I love YOU …
  2. I am so in love with you. That I want you to know that I may never show. But, I love you the core and I mean a lot from my every thought ! On this special day, I love you I all I want to say!
  3. Your love, your care, your support and faith, have made me a better person. I promise you all the happiness, fun and love in life. Be mine forever.
  4. Another month, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter, another summer too but there will never be another you !!
  5. To the rest of the world you must be just another woman, but to me you’re the one who makes me smile, ‘coz only you can. You give me friendship, you give me support, you give me confidence, Meeting you in life, was definitely no coincidence.
    You are the one who is made for me on earth, And I was made for you, right from birth. I can imagine myself with no other but you, I love you so much so much and you actually have no clue.
  6. You are not perfect and neither am I. But we surely are perfect for each other. I love you baby.
  7. Heaven is really close. I know this because… I can see it everyday in your eyes. I love you sweetheart.
  8. You are the sunshine in my life, you are the reason why I survive. Will you be my would be wife, I love you a lot !!
  9. Even chocolate is nothing, in front of you, your sweetness can give someone diabetes, no i am not joking, because you are so sweet, i mean it and well, i love you a lot, you are in my every thought.
  10. You are a certified rock star because you rock my world with your beauty, charm sexiness and a warm and caring attitude. I LOVE YOU !!

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