How to bypass iCloud Activation lock in iOS 8.3, 8.4, 8.1 and in all iPhone? How to fix icloud Activation problem on iPhone? Many of you may bother to bypass iCloud activation lock in iPhone or many of you spent more money to resolve this problem. You are now in the right place from where you can learn to bypass iCloud Activation lock in your iPhone. Let’s see, you need to follow each and every steps carefully mentioned below to bypass iCloud Activation lock free of cost and and yourself. That only thing is you need to be connected with any wireless network. There is also shown the screen shots for your convenience.

How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

A lot of people buy iPhones without knowing what is iCloud even end up losing their money also lead to be any which he is advice for bypass iCloud Activation lock. Hopefully this article will help for those people that have a nightclub like device in legally purchased it and now they cannot use it.

So the first thing you must to do is go ahead and click on your language and in also in your country.bypass icloud activation lock Right before you get WiFi signal since we want to let you know if you have previously connected to any WiFi network. Make sure you click on the home button once and click on more WiFi network make sure that after you click “I” will appears next to the net where you click to get network and reboot your device. bypass icloud activation lockSo those who have connected to WiFi past must do that. So you can erase any WiFi connection from the past any server for the past few years before. And then right after you get the page of Network, bypass icloud activation lockone click to the home button once, you click to my WiFi settings and “I” will appears there. Then go ahead and click to the DNS written box and write the DNS server address number. bypass icloud activation lockNote that it is different for every country. After that click back and select the network and put the Password of Network. After you put password click the “Join” button appears above on right side. It will take few seconds to connect your server. After connecting to network you can see the features of iPhone and you can run any of them without any problem such as mail, Youtube, Play the videos, Play songs and many more services.bypass icloud activation lock

This way you can bypass iCloud Activation lock in any iPhone.