Canada B C Job Grant Eligibility Checklist

Apply directly to government by following the steps : Canada B C Job Grant

If you’re an employer and want to train workers for new or better jobs in B.C, the Canada-B.C. Job Grant may be able to help. There are two ways for you to apply. You can apply directly to government by following the steps below or you can visit the Delivery Partner Program to find the list of available delivery partners that will help you as an employer to assess your skills needs and assist you with your grant application.

Eligibility Checklist:

Use the checklist to see if you’re eligible for a Canada B C Job Grant
  1. I am a private sector or not-for-profit sector employer in BC.
  2. My organization is a legal entity entitled to operate in BC.
  3. I am seeking training to upgrade the skills of a current employee in BC or I am seeking training for an unemployed individual and I have a job available in BC for the individual at the end of training.
  4. I am willing to contribute one-third of the cost of training.
  5. I am willing to pay the full cost of training in advance, and to seek reimbursement for up to 2/3 of approved training expenditures to a maximum of $10,000 per participant when the participant begins training.
  6. The training program is no longer than 52 weeks.
  7. The training should normally occur no less than 30 days from receiving the application.
  8. Each participant included in the Canada BC-Job Employer Grant application is a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident or legally entitled to work in Canada.

The participants included in the Canada BC-Job Employer Grant Application are not Temporary Foreign workers.

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