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According to the agency of Canada immigration, 250,000 were immigrating to Canada. In 2015, 285,000 were expected to be selected through this newly modified system. In the newly modified Express Entry system, applicants ranked highest are most likely to be invited to apply for permanent residency.

Here are the 10 Canada Express Entry Facts:

Canada Express Entry Facts #1: New System to effectively manage personal resistance (PR) applications on the basis of your experiences.

Canada Express Entry Facts #2 Candidates must qualify under one of the immigration programs.

Canada Express Entry Facts #3 Migrate to Canada with processing time is quite quick that is less than 6 months.

Canada Express Entry Facts #4 No limit on applications. Everybody can apply.

Canada Express Entry Facts #5 Applications will be placed in a pool before an invitation to apply (ITA) is issued.

Canada Express Entry Facts #6 Comprehensive ranking system to score candidate’s profile and accordingly rank it.

Canada Express Entry Facts #7 Highest ranking candidates will receive an ITA.

Canada Express Entry Facts #8 Job offers from Canadian employer not mandatory.

Canada Express Entry Facts #9 Draws by citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) every two weeks.

Canada Express Entry Facts #10 Easiest way to connect with Canadian employers and find Jobs.

The employer has a number of options to access candidates in the Express Entry pool, including:canada express entry facts

  • Job Bank
  • Private Sector Job Boards
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Skilled Foreign apply for Express Entry.
  • Candidate should meet the application criteria.
  • Federal Economic PR streams would available.
  • All applicants would be placed in a pool.
  • Applicant register with Job Bank, job boards or through PNP.

We are guiding you step by step process for the Canada Express Entry immigration. We hope that this information will help to those who are planning for migrate through Canada express entry program.

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Step by Step Process For the Canada Express Entry Immigration

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