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Part 1: Determining Your Eligibility and Options

No doubt, number of people to immigrate in Canada had been significantly increased from past few years. Due to the vibrant economy, naturally beauty, and peaceful environment many people from the Asia, Europe even from the United States of America are seeking for Canada immigration program. At a same time the government of Canada also somewhat of flexible in the immigration rules and regulation. Thus the immigration success rate in Canada is higher than other country in Europe and Australia. If you are looking for how to immigrate in Canada from USA, you are in right place to gather sufficient information. Basically, this content is highly dedicated to those who don’t have green card in USA and seeking for safe side as a Canada or it might be helpful for those too who already have citizenship in USA.

Before getting inside the depth of the content, we inform you here that we divide the whole process in 3 different process or steps and for the complete information we highly recommend you to go through step by step process one after another.

Three Steps involved for complete information:

Part 1: Determining Your Eligibility and Options

Part 2: Right Selection of Immigration Program

Part 3: Finalization of Process

Let’s begin from Part 1

Part 1: Determining Your Eligibility and Options:

  • Make a strong decision and perfect reason:

For those who already have US citizen it is not necessary to have any kind of visa or authorization to visit Canada. But to immigrate in Canada; of course it is essential to follow every steps for Canada immigration.

For those who are in USA and don’t have green card you have to make one perfect reason to immigrate in Canada and very first step is to check your eligibility.

To check your eligibility to apply Canada, here are some useful links that will help you
Canada Immigration Eligibility Check List


Express Entry Eligibility Check List


Canada B C Job Grant Eligibility Checklist


Canada Eligibility Checklist 2017


Check Your Eligibility Online


  • Selection a destination province:

After you complete your eligibility test, your next step is to figure out the destination province in Canada.  Province is similar to that what we called States in USA. It is important to make a right decision while selecting the province because rules and regulation varies in every province. Similarly, each province in Canada has own immigration programs which you may apply.


Some province required High Skilled main power some required freshmen who just complete their graduate level or post graduate level.


 List of Province in Canada

AB Alberta BC British Columbia
LB Labrador MB Manitoba
NB New Brunswick NF Newfoundland
NS Nova Scotia NU Nunavut
NW North West Terr. ON Ontario
PE Prince Edward Is. QC Quebec
SK Saskatchewen YU Yukon



  • Follow up the immigration rules of province you choose:

It is very important to know where you have high chances to immigrate according to the varies immigration rules and regulation of province in Canada.  You have to follow up every website of province in Canada. At a same time you select the right immigration programs in that province.


 For example in British Columbia (BC), if you have any relatives who stay in that province, it is comparatively easy to get the immigration visa than other province.


If you want the complete information of the every province in Canada go through the province program mentioned below.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
British Columbia PNP
Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
Opportunities Ontario
New Brunswick PNP
Prince Edward Island PNP
Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)
Newfoundland and Labrador PNP
Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)
Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)
Manitoba PNP


  • Find out either you meet the eligibility requirements in the province you choose:

Eligibility to immigrate in Canada depends on various factors such as your age, your nationality, if you have family member staying in Canada, your level of education, your experience in professional fields which have high demand of job in Canada, and job offer etc.


  • Things to remember:

If you are involved in any crime, or if you have serious health problems or if your family members are already barred in Canada; we suggest you not to apply Canada for Immigration.


This will complete your First part of Canada Immigration processing.

Your next part is selecting an Immigration Program which is crucial steps involved in immigration process.


Important Information:


Part 2: Right Selection of Immigration Program


Part 3: Finalization of Process

If you are thinking doing work and applying. You can apply online sitting in the home. You can read and aware of the consultancy where you can apply. All the details what the consultancy do and what you must do so that you don’t becomes the victims of consultancy and lose your valuable money.  All the description and details to apply online is describes. Visit the following link to apply online and find more details.

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