after 10 plus 2

After 10 plus 2 (10+2) i.e HSEB exam students are in dilemma to choose the course. This is the crucial stage i.e. after 10 plus 2 in the life of students. This is the time when students has to make plans about one’s future because the course you choose determines your rest of life. You have to think about the circumstances, social status, priorities of One’s family and personal’s physical attributes, limitation and capabilities before taking the steps towards the course. After HSEB result published you have to choose your career whatever the results be. We have listed some possibilities areas  who doesn’t want to higher education any more.

After 10 Plus 2

Physical structure sometimes play the mandatory role in your life for success. Consider a few examples, if you have an average health but rather short then the armed forces (army) or police services are out for you. As you may know that these fields requires certain height with physical fitness. On the other hand, if you have enough height and well-built possessing a good physique, then certainly these jobs are for you. And you can try it if you are interest to serves your country as the army and police after 10 plus 2 (10+2). Also for young girls who are tall and have slim figures can choose your career as being a model, classical dancer or even an air-hostess after 10 plus 2 (10+2).

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After 10 plus 2(10+2), many students wants higher education with their respective subjects. But there are also so many students who don’t want to further higher education. Apart from the conventional education which leads to formal degrees, there are vocational courses as well. So those students who don’t want further study and who make up mind to do something different, vocational course are best choices. For instance, after 10 plus 2 if you are skillful in cutting and tailoring jobs, vocational courses like CTVT rather than a formal BE, BA MBBS degree. Similarly, if you have interest in becoming a beautician, hair stylist or tattoo design, you can join the course available nearby and starts your own business after 10 plus 2(10+2).

Always remember that you have to fight your own battle after 10 plus 2 and you are likely to face stiff resistance whatever you choose your career. But you must put up a brave face and take everything in your steps. However, ultimately you are the one who has to take the final decisions about your career.