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Agriculture Solution for Nepal

agriculture solution Agriculture Solution Yeah! Where there is a challenge (problem), there is a remedy (solution).  Despite of numbers of agriculture problem and challenges, we can assist the country introducing agro-products as its backbone. In order to solve the problem of agriculture in Nepal, we have to do a lot in: AGRICULTURE SOLUTION Technology Infrastructures Motivation of […] Continue reading →

Agriculture Problem in Nepal

agriculture problem Agriculture problem in Nepal like irrigation, transportation and lack of agriculture education are still facing by the Nepalese farmers. Although, Nepal is known as the agriculture country,but agriculture problem makes it embraces the Nepalese. farmers haven’t get opportunity to play with modern technology with their fields. Agriculture problem in Nepal is rising in order annually […] Continue reading →

Agriculture : Main Occupation Of Nepal

agriculture Agriculture, what do you imagine as soon as you hear the word? Perhaps, you start viewing on dealing with the soil or the other feeding the cattle. The meaning of agriculture is not limited within these. Rather, it’s vague. It is extended up to the distribution and marketing along with the production. Here, talking about […] Continue reading →

Trade Structure and Trade Difficulites of Nepal

trade Nepal is one of the least developed countries of the world. The development process of country is directly affected by the trade structure of respective country. Nepal’s trade is directly affected by China and India’s policy and rules. The geographic structure is the main difficulties for import and export trade with other countries. Nepal is […] Continue reading →

Financial Development

financial development Financial development plays a vital role in the shaping up of the economy of a country. Financial development  is assumed to have a catalyst role for economic development. The performance of financial development system determines economic growth through successful channeling of resources to the productive areas, which is prerequisite for economic growth. The provision of financial services, […] Continue reading →

International Trade Nepal

international trade International Trade has its own laws, regulations and institutions. Country regulate the conduct of international trade. But the different countries have different policy. This creates the difficulties in cross border trade. Rate of exchange , Indian’s trade policy, transit, land-lock structure and micro level difficulties are the main difficulties of International trade of Nepal. Rate Of Exchange At context […] Continue reading →