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Best Nepali Movie You Must Watch Once

nepali movie 1)Talakjung vs Tulke: “Talakjung vs Tulke” is the most successful Nepali movie directed by new coming young director-“Nischal Basnet”. This movie is the most awarded movie in Nepal. This movie is selected for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88TH Academy Awards, won NEFTA Award 2015, Film Critics Award 2015, National Film Award 2015. […] Continue reading →

Nepathya Band Member: Legend of Nepali Folk-Rock Music

Nepathya Band Member Nepathya musical band was formed in 1990 by Deepak Rana, Bhim Poon and Amrit Gurung. Deepak Rana is now a Chopper pilot and Bhim Poon has now living in Hong Kong. And you might know about AMRIT GURUNG who is the active member and known as the Father of Nepathya. Since then, Nepathya has provided […] Continue reading →

Nepalese Real Story Movie Directed and Produced by Hollywood

nepalese real story movie Besides a lot of stories and plenty of shooting places, Hollywood has grabbed few of the things that they can get from Nepal. We suppose everyone in the world would want to find out what happens in the peak of highest mountain in the world.  Directors and Producers from Hollywood have beautifully decorated some of […] Continue reading →

Upcoming Bollywood Movie And Release Date

upcoming bollywood movie What are the Upcoming Bollywood Movie? How are the upcoming Bollywood movie? We are regularly updating all the reviews and release date of upcoming Bollywood movie, upcoming Hollywood movie and the information regarding these. Bollywood movie has always been more efficient in the market of film industry in south Asia. In Nepal almost everyone understands Hindi […] Continue reading →

Johnny Depp Upcoming Movies

johnny depp upcoming movies What are the Johnny Depp upcoming movies? Here you can find the Johnny Depp upcoming movies. Johnny Depp is a world class actor with so many fans and followers. Johnny Depp has almost 40 movies already acted on of Hollywood. Beside actor he is also a producer and musician. Everyone likes Johnny Depp and everyone […] Continue reading →

Funny Slogans T-shirt, Funniest Slogans T-shirt

funny slogans t-shirt During these last decades everywhere is the world the funny slogans T-shirt are very popular. People spend thousands of dollars to print and get funny slogans T-shirt. Funnny slogan T-shirt is famous not only in the teenagers but also in the adults group of people. These days many famous branded manufacturer are also lunch with […] Continue reading →

Best Inspiring Movies List – Part 2

inspiring movies list Best Inspiring movies list of world till today. These best movies are worth watching. The list from one to ten can be found in previous page with best inspiring movies list part 1. This is the next part of best inspiring movies list and it is named best inspiring movies list part 2. Please enjoy […] Continue reading →

Stupid Mistakes of Bajrangi Bhaijaan You may not Notice

bajrangi bhaijaan Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the latest movie of greatest bollywood star Salman Khan. It is taken that Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the one of the most successful movie of his carrier. More over the character “Munni” Harsali make the major role for the unbelievable presentation of the movie. Bajrangi Bhaijaan breakes almost all records of the box […] Continue reading →

Best Inspiring Movies – Part 1

inspiring movies Inspiring movies don’t only pass your time wonderfully they also implant some good concept in our mind. Inspiring movies helps us move ahead in our life. We get intellectual thoughts through good inspiring movies.  Here is some list of best inspiring movies that may inspire you. These are the first list of inspiring movies; the […] Continue reading →