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Top 10 Best Facebook Features For 2016 Update

Top 10 best Facebook Features Top 10 Best Facebook Features For 2016 Update The changes to Facebook in 2016 are new to Facebook, but aren’t new to the social landscape. Facebook appears to be borrowing the best aspects of other popular services and integrating them into Facebook as a central hub. For communication professionals, this means that the ways that […] Continue reading →

How to Play Chess Game Within Facebook Messenger?

facebook messenger Facebook Messenger has a hidden chess game. It’s no secret that you can use Facebook Messenger for a whole lot more than just chatting with pals, but there’s still a surprise or two in store. Social net-workers have discovered that Messenger has a hidden chess game (quietly available for a least a month before now) […] Continue reading →

How Do I Stop Facebook Automatic Video Play ???

stop Stop Facebook automatic video play Nowadays Facebook has introduced Facebook automatic video play at home. The feature is good if you are unlimited in data and can see whatever other posts in it. But Facebook automatic video play feature wastes your data if you are on limited data range and sometime you may be in problem because it may play […] Continue reading →

Facebook block list Friends You Want To Block But Can’t

 Why we use the Facebook in our daily life? Someone used it to upload photo or video and someone say to chat with friends. Some users used to update daily to know the present situation, or simply to know the latest news. Once a day you open it and becomes the habit of many users of Facebook. However, you may […] Continue reading →

Facebook Effort To Connect The World.

facebook Facebook Effort To Connect The World. “Connectivity changes lives and communities. We’re going to keep working to connect the entire world — even if that means looking beyond our planet.” The world’s largest social networking site Facebook is going to launch the Satellite, so the people of rural areas of Africa can login with […] Continue reading →