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Facebook Down !!! Why Going Down is a Huge Problem ?

facebook down Facebook down is the huge problem. You may think Why Facebook down is a huge problem? The internet was sent very fast failure or collapse as Facebook down for the second time in a week, addition with Instagram and Tinder following…. and third time in a month. Due to the Facebook down, lots of people […] Continue reading →

Facebook Crashed: why its Site Crashed 3 Times a Month ?

facebook crashed If you are the regular users of Facebook, then you must noticed that Facebook crashed for around 40 minutes on Monday. And this is the second times in this week and third times in this month. When Users were become frustrated as they were unable to access the social network. Facebook Users used Twiter to […] Continue reading →

How To Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile?

facebook profile Who visited my facebook profile? Who check my facebook profile the most? How can I know who visit my facebook profile frequently? Many of you don’t know how to check who visited your facebook profile? Everyone is curious to know who visited their facebook profile. We are regularly updating to our visitors about the new […] Continue reading →

A Few People Know These Facebook Shortcut Tricks : Do You Know ??

Facebook account Facebook shortcut tricks will provide you the very fastest surfing of facebook than before. Millions of people surf facebook in the world these days but very few people only know about facebook shortcut tricks and how to use them. Facebook shortcut tricks will provide you some comfortable tips for surfing. Facebook shortcut tricks operates 10 […] Continue reading →

Love Quotes For Facebook, Impressive Love Quotes

love quotes Love quotes for facebook and for text messages, are very popular among us. We are regularly updating different types of quotes and the articles regarding facebook. Many of our visitors request to list some most impressive love quotes on our site. Due to the concern of many regular visitors, now we listed some most impressive […] Continue reading →

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, How To Recover My Deleted Messages?

recover deleted facebook messages Recover deleted facebook messages. How to recover deleted facebook messages? Many of visitors of our site send us query for recover deleted facebook messages. We are providing much information regarding how to deleted facebook account temporarily or permanently, new features of the facebook, most liked celebrities’ facebook, facebook status and many more. Now in this […] Continue reading →

Funny Facebook Status , I Have Ever Seen

funny facebook status Funny facebook status is maximum searched facebook status. We are updating you regularly many more information of facebook regarding its new features, many more problem you faced and its solution, most liked celebrities on facebook and so on. We are now listing some funny facebook status quotes for your convenience to share for your friends […] Continue reading →

Most Liked Nepali Celebrities Facebook

nepali celebrities facebook Nepali celebrities facebook are also popular as like those on other countries. Which are the most liked Nepali celebrities facebook? Many of you want to know the fact for the most liked Nepali celebrities facebook. In the world facebook has 1.25 billion active users and Nepal has 4.2 million active users. Nowadays the users of the […] Continue reading →