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How to stay Healthy during Summer Season; Health Tips

summer season health tips Summer is the time to “ENJOY”. But in summer season you will have to be very careful about your skin mainly because, sometimes people forget that the scorching summer sun is not as kind for your skin. The intense summer heat not only affects our body, but also harms your skin too. These problems are […] Continue reading →

Human Brain Facts

human brain The human brain is the main organ of the human nervous system which is located in the head, protected by skull. As we read and listen many about the characteristics and function of brain. Here are the some facts that you may not know about the brain. Brain weighs 1.3-1.4 kg i.e. about 2% of […] Continue reading →

MERS CoV : Precautions, Sign and Symptoms

MERS CoV MERS CoV (Mers Virus ) is a bet a corona virus. MERS CoV is known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus. It is different from other corona virus that have been found in people before. According to the limited available information MERS CoV is liked to be transmitted in a similar way to other […] Continue reading →

MERS Virus in south korea

mers CoV Mers virus take the 100 people life’s until now in South Korea. Mers virus affect mainly middle east part of South Korea. The government of  South Korea starts war against “mers virus“. Until now it affect 1,600 people in South Korea. It is reported that 565 people are seriously affected and other people are care taker under […] Continue reading →

HIV Virion Properties and Origin in Nepal

hiv HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Type 1 and Type 2 (HIV-1 and HIVE-2 ) have been described as the etiologic agents of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS is the end stage of virus mediated protracted pathogenic process in which the immune system of an infected person and its ability to control infections or malignant progressive disorders are progressively […] Continue reading →