Terra Motors A2000 e-Scooter Available in Nepal – Eighty Thousands Only

Terra Motors A2000 e-Scooter Available

Terra Motors A2000 e-Scooter Available in Nepal – Eighty Thousands Only Fair Auto Private Limited is brings the E-scooter in Nepal with different designs and styles. Fair Auto Private Limited brings the three colors: RED, BLUE and WHITE in the market. Features: Terra Motors A2000 e-scooter  Price:Rs 80,000 Length:1,793mm Width:750mm Height:1,275mm Total Weight:125kg Capacity:2 people

Petroleum Impurities Checking Methods

Petroleum impurities

Petroleum impurities are found in black marketed petrol. As there is rise of fuel crisis in Nepal people are black marketing with addition of impurities. Petroleum impurities might damage, corrode, carbon deposition and subsequently may cause failure of engine. It is highly not recommended to buy black marketed petrol but if you do so then

Saving fuel tactics

saving fuel

Saving fuel equals save money but sometime saving fuel does mean exit of crisis. Fuel crisis is imminent one day. We can either lengthen the time by saving fuel or we must find a permanent alternative solution. Lengthening the by saving fuel is possible only with the support of this concept by massive population. Nowadays

Moto Gp Edition Suzuki Gixxer Sf in Nepal

Moto Gp edition Suzuki Gixxer Sf

Moto Gp edition Suzuki Gixxer Sf is recently launched in Nepal’s market. With the Suzuki Gixxer’s success the company is hoping to get success in Moto GP edition Suzuki Gixxer Sf also. This bike has the same 5 years warranty period with three years optional assuarance. Moto Gp edition Suzuki Gixxer Sf is beginning its

Purchasing New Motorbike Ideas ; What to Look Before Purchasing New Motorbike ?

purchasing new motorbike

Purchasing new motorbike is another best option to do if you don’t have enough money to buy a second hand car. While purchasing new motorbike there are also few things there must be considered or you may go in loss. If you have enough money to spend blindly then this article is not really meant

What to Look While Buying Second Hand Motorbike ?

buying second hand motorbike

Buying second hand motorbike is not a great deal if you have some concept of mechanical things inside you. But if you don’t have then it’s always necessary to take one mechanic or someone aside so you won’t be black marketed. Buying second hand motorbike also has some great benefits. The first and foremost thing

13 Different Model of American Brand Bike For Nepal Through IME Automotives

IME Automotives

IME automobiles have brought 13 different models of UM bikes recently in Nepal. They were the previous sole dealer of UM bikes in Nepal. IME automotives has just extended their showroom in Jamal, Kathmandu at the Nachghar. IME automotives doesn’t deal only the UM bikes they have also sole dealership of Ashok Leyland and escorts

Sporty Pulsar Motorbike NS200 AS200 AS150 Available Now: Features and Review

Sporty pulsar motorbike of pulsar are favorite bikes in Nepal and India from 10 years. Now with a concert of Nepathya (Nepali Musical Band), Bajaj has released three sporty pulsar bikes in Nepal. The three sporty pulsar motorbikes are RS200, AS 200 and AS 150.  These three models of sporty pulsar bikes are very popular

Motorbike Maintenance; How to keep your motorbike in good condition

motorbike maintenance

Motorbike maintenance is not a big deal if you give attention over here for just five minutes. Today we are here to guide you about motorbike maintenance yourself. For even the small and minor problem you may face in your motorbike, this article will help you to save your vehicle as well as your money.You

Honda Unicorn Stylist New Model Bike In Market : Unicorn CB 160 cc

honda unicorn

There is the good news for the Honda riders. The most rumor bike of the Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc is now available in the market. Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc is the most awaited bike for all the Honda riders. Sacar Treding Pvt. Ltd “The authorized dealer” of Honda Motorbike makes it available in