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Marshall London Smartphone, Special Features And Reviews

Marshall London Smartphone is the most awesome android Smartphone launched by Marshall Headphones. Marshall Smartphone is named as Marshall London Smartphone. Marshall London Smartphone may be the best choice for the music lovers in the world. Marshall London Smartphone was sold 100,000 on the launching ceremony.  Many people note that Marshall just give a great […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy A8, Samsung Galaxy A8 Special Features And Price

Samsung Galaxy A8, made by Samsung has just launched in the market. The main feature of Samsung Galaxy A8 is lightest and thinnest Smartphone ever. With all rumors of its existence spreading for several months, Samsung Galaxy A8 is the massive display mated to extra thin body, is the slimmest Smartphone in history. Samsung Galaxy […] Continue reading →

Internet Impact

internet Internet and web-based information are the main source for assignment and presentation. There is risk of cut-and-paste submission from internet which ultimately impacts on learning effectiveness. The questionnaire-based study was conducted in a Pokhara University, Kaski for the impact of Internet. Total 74 students are asked about their perception of internet impact on case method of […] Continue reading →