dashain tihar free calls sms internet

In the occassion of Dashain, Tihar and Chaat Festival Nepal Telecom , Ncell and United Telecom Limited had anounced different offers to their users. Here, we merge all the dashai tihar free calls sms internet offers by NTC, Ncell, UTL for your convenience.

Dashain Tihar Free Calls SMS Internet

Dashain Tihar Free Calls SMS Internet by Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom announced to give heavy discount in various service on the occasion of our Great Festival Dashain, Tihar and Chaat. Here are the discount and offer provided by the Nepal Telecom:

  • 10 % discount on voice call.
  • Heavy Bonus on SMS.
  • Free 50MB data package for Postpaid Users.
  • Free Call for the landline users.
  • Further validity for ADSL and WiMax.
  • Shortcode 1400 Free service.


Dashain Tihar Free Calls SMS Internet by Ncell

Ncell Dashain Tihar offer the new schemes in which you will get bonus money. How much you used your mainbalance in a day that’s much bonus money you will get as the bonus at the end of the day. Ncell bring this offers in the occasion of Dashain Tihar Festival.

This schemes will start from the Ashoj 27th for the Pre-paid Ncell users. Ncell users can dial 17124 and use this schemes freely and enjoy.

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Dashain Tihar Free Calls SMS Internet by UTL

UTL Dashain Tihar Festival offers had been announced by the United Telecom Limited. UTL focus his offer mostly on the talk time. UTL brings the UTL bonus talk time scheme mainly focused on the biggest festival of Nepalese people Dashain and Tihar. Targeting the Festivals, UTL bonus talk time scheme comes to the UTL consumers with the slogan “युटिएल चाडपर्व योजना, बोनस टक टाइम को खजना”.

In UTL Bonus talk time scheme, customers will receive from bonus of nine hundred rupees to thirty six hundred rupees talk time within reliable cost while buying UTL SIM card ,according to the United Telecom Limited (UTL).

There packages are :

  1. Economic Package
  2. Social Package
  3. Business Package

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