Deadly Paris Attack:

More than 120 people were killed in the deadly Paris attack. People were killed by gun and bombs in the different places of Paris. France government has declared a national state of emergency and sealed the boarders.

More than 100 people were killed in the Bataclan concert hall in the central paris.

Terrorist took many hostages from the national stadium before being overpowered by police.

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Also gunmen attack the people on the city centre restaurant nearby Stade de France. It is reported that five attackers were killed by the policeman.

French President Francois Hollande asked to the Paris residents not to come out from the house until the situation is on hold and more than 1,500 military personnel are being deployed across the city.

Gunmen have targeted the Bataclan concert hall. It is said that some people were killed after being taken hostage. At the Bataclan concert hall three gunmen were killed.

BBC has reported that some people in the Le Petit restaurant were also killed nearby Le Carillo in 10th district.

Moreover La Belle Equipe café in 11th district is another target of the gunmen where more than 100 rounds being fired.

Us President Barack Obama said he was shocked and pledged to do whatever France needed as well as the UK Prime Minister David  Cameron.

President Francois Hollande cancels the program for G-20 summit in Turkey.

Until now no group has taken responsibility for the incident, according to BBC. Islamic state has praised this incident in the social network.

During the attack in the stadium President Francois Hollande was also in the stadium but he was safe.

To watch the video, Click the link given below:

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