delete facebook account

Delete facebook account is the sometime problem for many of us due to the lack of steps to be followed. If anyone who want to delete facebook account permanently or temporarily, here we will guide the steps you need to do before it. Sometimes if you don’t find the facebook useful or might be any your other personal reasons; you may bothered due to lack of information you have to do before delete facebook account.

Many visitors of our site send the query about the steps to be followed for delete facebook account. So this tips helps you to delete facebook account permanently or temporarily. If you are going to delete facebook account permanently you must know that you are not allowed to undo one if you have complete the procedure. The data texts, photos, videos and other information which are in your facebook once you delete facebook account will not retrieve.

Where there is problem there will be solution, nowadays facebook serves the user to download all their data such as text, photos, videos and so on before delete facebook account. For downloading your all data before delete facebook account go to the below given link

https: // /help /131112897028467/

After you delete facebook account people won’t see your account on facebook anymore. But it will take around 90 days to disappear all the activities you have done before in the facebook such as your previous posts, photos you have like, status you have updated, videos you have uploaded and photos or videos you are tagged. If you change your mind you can temporarily delete your account rather permanently. That means you are going to deactivate your account for a while. For only deactivate your account you need not worry for the information and data you have in your facebook. But deactivating your account means your friends won’t see your profile for that periods.

Delete Facebook Account

To deactivate your account go the below link.

https:// help/ 214376678584711

To delete facebook accounts permanently go to the below link:

https:// / delete_account