Download Dashain Songs 2072 2015

Download Dashain Songs 2072 2015

This year also Armed Police Force has recorded the dashian tihar songs expressing their sorrow and happiness. As they have to provide security and protection in the society. There is high probablity of more crimes in the society during the Dashain Tihar Festival. They dedicated songs to their parents and relatives and say we can’t come home this dashain also through the songs.

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  1.  Dhankai Bala Jhulaula
  2. Ghardesh Pardesh…
  3. Faujilai kun ho Dashain kun ho Chad Tihar
  4. Rifle ko Sirani
  5. Kancho Ayouxa Yespali Ama

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Click on Songs to Download Dashain Songs 2072 2015 by Music Nepal 2015
  1. Yo Dashain Maa.. By khuman Adhikari and Sangita Thapa Magar
  2. Ahileko Dashainma … By Khuman Adhikari and Kalika Rokka
  3. Bada Dashain Aayo … By Tanka Budhathoki and Saru Gautam Ft. Nita Dhungana
  4. Sabko Gharma… By Khuman Adhikari and Devi Gharti
  5. Radioma Birahako Geet Aaisakyo … By Devi Gharti & Prabin Gharti Magar HD
  6. Hey Durga Bhawani …. By khuman Adhikari and Kalika Rokka
  7. Chad Baad Maneedeau … By khuman Adhikari and Kalika Roka

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Download Dashain Songs 2072 2015 By Budha Subba Digital Pvt. Ltd
  2. Dashain Aayo | दशैं आयो | Nepali Movie | MUGLAN | Full Song
  3. Dashain Tihar Song | दशैँ तिहार रमाईलो चाँड​ | Ramailo Chad | Mahesh Chhetri
  4. Makhamali Pachheuri Sanu | मखमली पच्छेउरिले सानु | MUGLAN | Song
  5. Dashain Tihar Song … By Mahesh Chhetri
  6. Yestai Chha Priya … By Anju Panta (Modern Song)
  7. Farkau Aba Janmekai Gaun Ghar – Resham Thapa, Geeta Devi and Kalpana Bohora

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