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EDV Result 2019 is published by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S Department of State. Likewise previous years may people get the chances to get in America through the lottery program. If you are willing to check EDV Result 2019, we published the official result of EDV 2010 here below.

To find the EDV Result 2019, Click on the link below.

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How to Check EDV Result ??

As we already mentioned you , we will provide the EDV Result 2017 for you. Either simply if you click on the above link written as “EDV Result 2017” you can find the EDV Result or if you want to go through other way, type the URL https: //www.dvlottery.state.gov/ and in the last of the page you will find the http: //www.dvlottery.state.gov /ESC/ link below and click there. And another page leads you to type your confirmation number, last family name and year of birth. After submitting this information, you will find your result.

Name List of EDV Result 2019 Winner

Here you can find the name list of EDV lottery 2019 winner. To check the name list of EDV lottery 2019 winner click on the link below.

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edv result 2017

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