English language

English languageEnglish language is the international language. English language is the most popular language in the world. Worldwide there is a strong demand for technical writers. English language growth the smart ideas to write in universal communication. English language has created the globe as a village in term of globalization in the era. Over the last three decades, the technical communication as profession has grown rapidly in Asia and Africa including most of the Euro-zone. The process of communication through English language in different disciplines and fields has become smart share network.

English Language

The use of language is called referential and propositional or idealization. Basically language is used for:

  • Emotional Expression
  • Social Interaction
  • The Power of Sound
  • The Control of Reality
  • Recording the Facts
  • Instrument of Thought
  • Expression of Identity

and varies according to function. Here, two things mainly the recording the facts and control of reality focuses in technical communication. In addition to the role of social interaction. That is formal or informal whether for career development or research or any other purposes. Many of the instructors and experts remain acting around a thoughtful and principled approach to use English language in classroom based on issues cases and debates. This requires many activities organized on the basis of need and representing the target group ideas and field. So, teaching a language for the students of technical subjects, it requires the precise information over the use of accurate vocabulary, structure, pattern, punctuation and variety of method. In the classroom, whether just on the technical language or the pertaining literature of particular topics, the teacher is most to plan the session or course measuring the time and credit. Whereas the learners and the users are to be ready with some pre-course information and questionnaire. For the communication process the knowledge of para-linguistic features with specific body language.

(2) Another factor in English language communication lies in its analysis which is most for critical skills whether to correct or incorrect form.

Effective communication skills form around which all successful human relationships remains. Hence, to get success human behaviors and social relationships play vital role. So, models of communication are remaining important since Aristotle’s first model to the date.