eps employment permit system

An eps employment permit system gurantee compensation and pension to the workers in South Korea. According to newly endorsed law by the South Korea government, if the worker who serves to South Korea suffered from any disease or any health problematic related to their jobs in South Korea, they will be given compensation rupees and pension. Korea industrial trustworthy provision has such a law. It is noted that by eps employment permit system every year South Korea takes many people from the world for the job. As it provides the opportunity of job to the unemployed people also it guarantees quality job.

One officer of  eps employment permit system, Lee Dong Sirkala, said that if any employee suffer from any permanent disease or got in any accident related to his/her work in South Korea, One officer of  eps employment permit system will guarantee compensation and pension. But he does not mention amount of compensation money or pension.

Before, for the international worker through eps employment permit system has somehow amount of compensation to the worker if he/she get injured. But this time the new thing declared by the Korea Government is Pension to the victim. This way, it seems that Korea Government is sincere to the worker through eps employment permit system.

To assure the quality job in South Korea through eps employment permit system, Korean government brings the different policies on behalf of workers. Many workers seem happy by this new coming law of compensation and pension.

Lee Dong Sirkala added that we want to make homely environment to the worker in South Korea and we do so also. He claimed that until 2019 ninety percentage choice for the employee to work will be South Korea.

Let’s see how this law will be beneficial to the worker who are employed through eps employment permit system in South Korea.