eps result

EPS Korean language test  have published  EPS result on Thursday. According to the Korea Branch Director of EPS, Dilliram Bastola, 8,490 students were successfully passed the EPS exam. Here you can find the procedure how to check the EPS result.

Among the participants only 19.5 per cent are pass according to the Exam committee of korean Language, EPS. Among the pass students, the EPS result shows that 5,817 are pass in the manufacturing test side and 2,673 are pass in the agriculture and animal husbandry.

According to the EPS result on the basis of male and female, among the passed students who were participated in the EPS exam, 7,789 are male and 101 are female. EPS language test was conducted on September 2 and 3.

Additionally, the EPS had said that with EPS result that in the first weeks of November, who are successfully passes will have to face the health test. After completing all the procedure, the pass students will start to go to Korea for employment in 2016 and start to work in January.

The eps results can be viewed on the www.epsnepal.gov.np and www.hrd.or.kr according to the Korean branch of EPS.

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