examination routine

Pokhara University controller office of examination published the examination routine of Fall Semester along with the exam center of fall 2015 with some new changes. Pokhara Universtiy is running many program and their examination routine of Fall Semester 2015 of different faculties of Bachelor Level and Master Level has here below.

Pokhara University had published the examination routine of all stream of Science and Technology, Engineering and Management of Bachelor Level. The examination routine of fall semester 2015 of engineering has come with updated version. Additionally, the exam controller of Pokhara Universtiy published the final examination routine of Fall-semester 2015 of Management, Health and allied science and BDevs.

Also, examination routine of Master of Business Administration Trimester winter-2015  was also published. The strategic Management, Economic Analysis for Business and Business Environment Analysis course title of MBA Tri-semester Winter (VI, II, VI) 2015 was published.

Pokhara University Examination Routine (Fall Semester/Trimester Winter ) and Exam Center 2015

MBA Trimester Winter-2015

Examination Routine Fall-2015 Engineering (Updated)

Final Examination Routine Fall 2015 (Management, Health and Allied, BDev )

Master Examination Routine Fall 2015

Latest Exam Center Fall 2015

Above mention examination routine is the latest and updated version of Pokhara University. As you may know, this page is continuously updating the examination routine and results, truly following the official website of Pokhara University.

As well as, the examination board of the Pokhara University published notice that all the examination will be held on time with no excuse of any matter.

Along with the new routine of the examination, exam center of central college and all affiliated  college were also published. The circulation of the new examination routine and the center have been informed to all affiliated college.

It is also noted that until 15 August of 2015, internal marks of the related subjects should be sent to exam controlled office. The deadline for the final examination form submission date is 30 July 2015.


1. The schedule for the engineering drawing will published later.

2. All the examination starts from 10.00 am for the MBA tri-semester.

3. And all the others faculty the examination will starts from 07:00 AM.