Why we use the Facebook in our daily life? Someone used it to upload photo or video and someone say to chat with friends. Some users used to update daily to know the present situation, or simply to know the latest news. Once a day you open it and becomes the habit of many users of Facebook. However, you may not know some Facebook Secret Point of Facebook that you must know. Whatever, in your new feed you find your friends status, photos and shared link and many more. While, visiting you may feel to block your friends if they’re tremendously irritating. But you put up with them. Because we’re all annoying and all stuck with each other. Here are some kinds of Facebook block list people you want to block, but you can’t because they’re sort of your friends.

Here are the 10 list of Facebook Friends List you want to block….
Facebook Block List Friends #1

Your friends especially girls who always tells you to like and comment on her photo.


Facebook Block List Friends #2

The Facebook Game Addict who used to play candy crush, Farmville and many others and invite you to play frequently.


Facebook Block List Friends #3

The stupidity who always update his/her status as if he/she is the only who know everything.


Facebook Block List Friends #4

Person who update status frequently whatever he/she is doing in daily life. That guy that post too much.


Facebook Block List Friends #5

The lady who start with inspiration quotes and end with non-specific attention.

Facebook Block List Friends #6

The drama queen who always dramatically flouncing off, but can’t resist instantly coming back to see what effect he/she’s had.


Facebook Block List Friends #7

“Pleeeease like me, pleeeeeeeease who request all the time for the competition that depends on votes.


Facebook Block List Friends #8

A Facebook account for a domesticated animal like cat, dog, 🙂 a human being or animal in the later stages of development before it is born. And the parents of brand new baby.


Facebook Block List Friends #9

The couple who share the same account and the comments makes you so irritable.


Facebook Block List Friends #10

Who upload photos of dinner and especially annoying if they have a terrible camera. Combines boring and gross.

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