facebook crashed

If you are the regular users of Facebook, then you must noticed that Facebook crashed for around 40 minutes on Monday. And this is the second times in this week and third times in this month. When Users were become frustrated as they were unable to access the social network. Facebook Users used Twiter to express their anger towards the Facebook crashed.

But Facebook has explained why its site shut down i.e. Facebook Crashed. Facebook Spokesman said, “We apologize to those who have been inconvenienced.” Spokesman of Facebook blamed a “ configuration issue” for the disruption but rather than anything nefarious being a play.

Frustrated Users of Facebook during the crashed time hit with an error message during the downtime at around 8pm. If you have noticed its actually say like this, “ Sorry, Something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get if fixed as soon as we can.”facebook crashed

Facebook Crashed

In the context on Nepal, This type of problem is always because the internet speed of Nepal is the Second lowest speed of the World. And we may not noticed it because for us most of the time its like Facebook Crashed. But since 1 months some problems were facing by the Facebook.

Facebook suffered a double blow, with Instagram ( which it owns) also going down on the same night. And it was the third Facebook crashed on the month of September and with suggestions the latest one may have been related to updates.

Updates about the video Facebook profile pictures. Now on wards Facebook users can upload video of Seven Seconds of profile pictures and covered photo.If you haven’t already heard the awesome news – Facebook has rolled out new seven-second video profilepictures.Facebook users now able to have a Seven Seconds Video as a Facebook Profile Picture. Due to this reason may the problems have arise during the opening of Facebook during September.

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