Facebook is a popular name among those who are so into it. Individuals who have an account in Facebook are using more of their time to socialize with other people amidst the distance and lack of time. And even if a community like Facebook serves numerous advantages, it also proves to have certain disadvantages as well.

There are now series of improvements in the system just to make up with the shortcomings. Arguments regarding the different disadvantages of Facebook are stated below:

Facebook Disadvantage #1 Facebook is addicting !!!

For some people Facebook could be more addicting than Cigarette! Using Facebook for your need is actually good for us but when we waste most of our valuable time then it becomes harmful.

Facebook Disadvantage #2 Fake people and ID !!!

Fake profile is one of the biggest disadvantage of Facebook. Now it is easier to create fake profile with a stolen picture. People often use fake profile to insult or harass someone they don’t like. Also, people can stalk you and get your personal information by using Facebook.

Facebook Disadvantage #3 Facebook can be life threatening sometimes !!!

Many unknown people can track your activities and where you are going. As a result you can face trouble. Many Facebook addicted couples are facing conflicts with their Facebook activities and later files for a divorce. People who work in office wastes their time in browsing Facebook as a result Company goes on loss.

Facebook Disadvantage #4 Teenagers are exposed to pornography !!!

A Facebook account is a gateway to the entire cyber world. Via click-through ads and links, children may be exposed to violence and pornography-related contend.

Facebook Disadvantage #5 Bad Impact on Students !!!

Facebook often brings bad effects on student results. Facebook often brings bad effects on student results. Badly Facebook addicted students do not get good marks in their exam unless they cheat or way too smart for the class. They are distraction from the study and have health problems.

Facebook Disadvantage #6 False report !!!

Many people lost their precious Facebook ID because of false report.

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