facebook down

Facebook down is the huge problem. You may think Why Facebook down is a huge problem? The internet was sent very fast failure or collapse as Facebook down for the second time in a week, addition with Instagram and Tinder following…. and third time in a month. Due to the Facebook down, lots of people took the Twitter to complain after being met the Error messages in the Facebook. You may think it was coincidence that the others social networks went down with it but actually not. Many of you know that Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, and Tinder is reliant on Facebook. So anything bad happens on Facebook, for instance Facebook down, they all got problems.

facebook down

However, it is not the first time happens. It’s happen three times earlier in this month. The History says that users were already locked out from Facebook and Instagram after so-called hack. It was supposed to hack but not yet proven. And the Facebook claiming it was a technical fault.

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As the Spokesman said, “This was not the result of a third party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems.”

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Whatever we can conclude that due to the monopoly of social media. All it took was one company to have technical issues for two other major social networks to crash.

#facts Facebook is one of four media giants that owns the social networks with the most users. Three out of the five global social networks that have the most users belong to Facebook i.e Instagram and WhatsApp and the others two are Chinese.

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