Top 10 best Facebook Features

Facebook new features are coming day by day. Many of us don’t know even if we are regularly using facebook. Every week facebook new features are announced to connect the people around the world as like family. We are regularly updating facebook new features for the convenience of our visitors. We suggested to all the visitors, get updated on our site for the upcoming facebook new features. Now we are listing facebook new features that we can use.

Facebook New Features

  • Spherical videos on your timeline:

Facebook is going to support the videos on your news feed with 360 degree video technology. This feature will provide the users to change the angle to be video played and dragging to the position wherever you want to start.

  • Videos you upload can place anywhere online:

This facebook new feature opens the door to upload the video through facebook without linking it. Before this facebook users can share the videos uploaded on facebook by linking to it, this feature create the option to the users uploading the instead in Youtube.

  • You can reply text on facebook rather than facebook messanger or facebook:

This facebook new feature helps many users to send message by using other apps like animated GIF-craeator Giphy from the messanger app. Facebook is now connecting to many other third party apps to connect with all the people on facebook.

  • Buy online an communicate with the business via facebook messenger:

In the context of the advancement of the world’s market, facebook also connect you with te different business forms and companies. Now onwards you can select and buy online from the facebook messenger. Moreover facebook will provide the facility to conversation with the particular business company from where you want to buy. Now facebook is goint to integrate with the 1000s of e-commerce site.

  • Facebook analytics:

As like the google analytics, this facebook new feature will provide the facilities to the developer for the analysis of their apps. Dashboard will provide all information to the developer about who is interacting, from where the user flow highly and many more.