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If you haven’t already heard the awesome news – Facebook has rolled out new seven-second video profile pictures.Facebook users now able to have a Seven Seconds Video as a Facebook Profile Picture. Due to this reason may the problems have arise during the opening of Facebook, if you have noticed.

If you had seen the Harry Potter’s movie then you obviously remembered the moving photo. Just like the moving photographs in Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet, Facebook has  introduce a function of moving Facebook profile picture i.e gif Facebook profile picture which allows users to have a seven second looping video as their Facebook profile picture.

Facebook Profile Picture

As Facebook announced five major changes to user profiles, as if you had noticed some of which have been used out already and are being tested today by some users  reported by Techrunch. Here are the Five major changes regarding with the Facebook Profile Picture:facebook profile picture

  1. In a bid to make the decade-old social network more visually momentum, Facebook will provides users the option to pin Featured Photos to the top of their profile and have temporary profile pictures.
  2. Facebook makes it easier having more character in Bio Field in the About Section.
  3. Similarly the Facebook roll out a mobile-centrist design with centered profile photos and larger sections for photos and friends.
  4. And the stunning new features are to highlight ‘what’s going on in their life, what’s important to them now in more expressive ways,’ told by the Facebook project manager Aigerim Shorman.

Facebook has put more emphasis on biographical information which will help to optimize Facebook’s substantial advertising engine.

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