Why we use the Facebook in our daily life? Someone used it to upload photo or video and someone say to chat with friends. Some users used to update daily to know the present situation, or simply to know the latest news. Once a day you open it and its becomes the habit of many users of Facebook. However, You may not know some Facebook Secret Point of Facebook that you must know. There are many features in the Facebook which you may not known!! Here, we have point out Five Facebook Secret Point which are useful,,,

Facebook Secret Point #One: You can Merge your Facebook profile photo and Cover photo.

There are different tricks for the Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Photo. There is the website where you can go and make attractive Profile picture and cover photo by merging it. You can do many tricks with profile pic and cover photo. You can apply merge your Profile and Cover photo tricks, Missing Jigsaw piece trick, Tear off the bottom Edge Trick and Profile Picture Zoom Trick in the Tricked Out Timeline. For this you must open the www.trickedouttimeline.com and follow the procedure. Note that you have to login in Facebook.

Facebook Secret Point #Two: How to known your Facebook friend who unfriend you?

There is no official app to known who unfriend you from your friend list. But there are many third party Apps from where you can find out who unfriend you from Facebook. Apps like Who Deleted Me on Facebook,    Lost a Friend – See who is unfriended,    Who Viewed My Facebook Profile,  Who Unfriend Me – Facebook Friend,   Who Deleted me?

From this Apps that’s are free and you can easily find who unfriend you on Facebook.

Facebook Secret Point #Three : How can you invite all the Facebook Friend in One Click ?

While inviting your friend in the group or to like the page, you need to invite one by one which takes more time and boring too. So, if you want to invite your all friends just in one click. For this… first you have to go in the option of INVITE FRIEND and click their and click in keyboard CTRL+SHIFT+J and copy the following code

var inputs=document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton_1sm’);for (var i=0; i

For Events:- javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”); for(i=0;i

and paste on the console option. And all your friend will automatically invite in our page or group.

Facebook Secret Point #Four: How to send SMS from the Facebook?

If you want to send the SMS on mobile from the Facebook first of all login to your Facebook and go to the option of Facebook Chat Application. And then Click on the Country Option and type the Mobile Number and type the SMS and send it.

Facebook Secret Point #Five: How to download all the Photo Album of Facebook?

If you want to download all photos of your Facebook. You have to open the www.picknzip.com website and attached your Facebook account. After that all the Facebook photo will be save and you will unzip whenever you want.

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