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Facebook shortcut tricks will provide you the very fastest surfing of facebook than before. Millions of people surf facebook in the world these days but very few people only know about facebook shortcut tricks and how to use them. Facebook shortcut tricks will provide you some comfortable tips for surfing. Facebook shortcut tricks operates 10 times fast than the usual methods. We are providing you various facts about facebook for you such as new features of facebook, how to recover deleted messages in facebook, some awesome quotes and status of facebook, how to delete the facebook account permanently or temporarily and many more rare other information. Now you will find below, the tricks on facebook about its shortcut.

Facebook Shortcut Tricks for Windows and Pc:

Now here we are going to give you the list of facebook shortcut tricks which will make you feel comfort for the surfing of facebook. These facebook shortcut tricks are depended on the internet browser you are using. Here we are giving you facebook shortcut tricks on Chrome for Windows, Chrome for PC, Firefox for Windows and Firefox for PC.

1. Facebook Shortcut Tricks For Chrome and Firefox:
  • Home Button:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+1

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+Shif+1

Chrome for PC:  Alt+#+1

Firefox for PC:  Alt+ Shift+#+1

  • Timeline/Profile:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+2

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+2

Chrome for PC:  Alt+#+2

Firefox for PC:  Alt+ Shift+#+2

  • Friends List:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+3

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+3

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+3

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+3

  • Message Box:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+4

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+4

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+4

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+4

  • Notifications:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+5

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+5

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+5

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+5

  • General Account Settings:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+6

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+6

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+6

irefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+6

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  • Privacy Settings:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+7

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+7

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+7

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+7

  • Facebook’s Facebook Page:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+8

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+8

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+8

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+8

  • Legal Terms:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+9

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+9

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+9

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+9

  • Help Centre:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+0

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+0

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+0

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+0

  • New Message:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+ M

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+ M

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+M

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+M

  • Search Button:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+?

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+?

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+?

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+?

  • Newsfeed Navigation for Scroll Forward (J) and Backward (K):

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+ J/K

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+ J/K

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+J/K

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+J/K

  • Newsfeed Navigation for Comment (C) and Like (I) Story:

Chrome for Windows:  Alt+ C/I

Firefox for Windows:  Alt+ Shift+ C/I

Chrome for PC: Alt+#+C/I

Firefox for PC: Alt+ Shift+#+C/I

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