funny slogans t-shirt

During these last decades everywhere is the world the funny slogans T-shirt are very popular. People spend thousands of dollars to print and get funny slogans T-shirt. Funnny slogan T-shirt is famous not only in the teenagers but also in the adults group of people. These days many famous branded manufacturer are also lunch with funny slogans T-shirt. Now let’s look some funny slogans T-shirt with their appropriate explanation. We are welcome to your comment for the interpretation of slogans.

Funny Slogans T-shirt:

  • I dont not need Google My wife knows Everything:

          funny slogans t-shirtMan get too much irritate from her wife bla bla bla… He is compelled to wear this funny slogan T-shirt. The female dominating societies maximun uses these type of slogan.

  • Need female to recharge:

           funny slogans t-shirtThis slogan T-shirt ” Need female to recharge” is very famous among the electrical engineers in Indian and China. Amazing things is that 5 students of one engineering college in Kanpur are banned from the college by wearing this T-shirt.

  •  When in doubt try again another hole:

           funny slogans t-shirtThis tagline in T-shirt starts very first from Srilanka. It is first worn by IT engineers in Srilanka. This shows how most people start off hardware hacking.

  • My daily needs Rozy Roti:

           funny slogans t-shirtRozy roti words are from Nepal and India. These words are very used in asian countries and it means basic human needs i.e fooding, lodging and job. The tag line symbolize Rozy also refers to the name of girl and roti means chapati. This tagline is famous among Nepalese and Indians.

  • Fire in the Hole:

           funny slogans t-shirtAs you can see that fire caught a person while he is at restroom. It indicates the deficiency of water in restroom.

  • FBI – Female Body Inspector:

          funny slogans t-shirtYou may think that FBI means Federal Bureau of Investigation, but this time you are wrong. Here FBI means Female Body Inspector.

  • My eyes are up here:

          funny slogans t-shirtClever girl are still staring on your eyes. So stop to look over her. Her eyes are up, not where you stare.

  • I am with Stupid:

          funny slogans t-shirtBe aware from the slogan printed on your friend’s wearing while taking snap. You may be stupid sometimes unknowingly.

  • Once you put my meat in your mouth, you are going to want more:

          funny slogans t-shirtLet’s see how is your perception on this slogan. Hitler use this tagline during the second world war.

  • Read books not T-shirts:

           funny slogans t-shirtNow it’s upon you how you think.

Comments below on the comments box, how much you enjoy your time while reading these funny slogans T-sirt and we want to hear you many more other funny slogans.

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