game of thrones

Game of thrones is the best sequel of era. Thought will be always developed about every character after we see Game of thrones, they have their own strategy to rule. Wealth and power and their utilization is must for every character in Game of thrones, either they do their exercise on their power or they are going to die. A bitterness comes with every sequel as there would be the end of favorite character every season. Following is some assumed speculations about Olly of game of thrones.

Game Of Thrones Predictiongame of thrones

Jon Snow, The bastard of the Ned Stark with unknown mother died last season. If you are watching game of thrones regularly then he must have been one of the best character. His personality is one of the best thing that makes us like him than any other character in Game of thrones. Every good thing to do is not the way to lead is the main concept we can see through his death. He did something wrong with his power as all the action that makes leader lose their power is one of the deadliest thing to do. When Olly killed the Ned’s Bastard it was like “oh shit” what the hell is going on here. Olly must have been 12 or 13 years old but he got the power to kill jon snow because he was at right condition at right time. A children of farmer has already shown his quality to add a game changer aspect in the major hit sequal, Game of thrones. We assume some more action from Olly in season 6 of Game of thrones.

Olly is a son of farmer. His parents were butchered by the wildings. Now he has passion to govern so that he could avenge his parents. He became squart of jon snow at the age of 13 or 12 that means he has some part to play in game of thrones as he is rising. His face shows us the anger and mission to operate something that he will do someday and that day won’t be too long.  But there is always a question if he will be able or not. His mission will be to kill the wildings. There are white walker coming soon to attack the wall. Now what will be the result if he killed the wildings before white walker roams around the wall? Olly is small and young but Jon snow is gone now. Could olly be the next lord commander?