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Google has been steadily migrating its resources towards the Photos ecosystem since the company first announced it at last year’s I/O developers conference. It’s already shut down Google photosin lieu of the newer service and linked Photos to your phone’s native camera app. Now the Google announced that it will shut down Picasa too. The move will occur over the next several months, beginning on May 1, 2016. Take note, however, that the Picasa desktop application won’t work after March First. Current Picasa users simply have to log into Photos all of their content has already been moved over.

The Picasa desktop app will continue to function, but after March 15, you shouldn’t expect any more updates. It also sounds like the download link will be going away, so you might want to also keep the install file stashed somewhere safe.

For those with photos stored in a Picasa Web Album, there’s no need to be alarmed by the discontinuation of the service’s support, as the changes aren’t scheduled to begin rolling out until May 1, 2016and even then, the images will still be available through Google Photos as well as a “new place” that the company intends to create for those who have no interest in using Google Photos.

Picasa desktop was and still is very useful as a free alternative for people who refused to buy light room, or can’t possibly be able to use it. Unfortunately, Google photos is unlikely to be as nice, being way to dependent on the cloud and of course, still vulnerable to causing you to not be able to get e-mail if you get your settings wrong.

Picasa was a great program for a lot of photographers a couple of years ago. Since then Google has screwed it up trying to make it web and mobile. Now they are just killing it.

With moves like this and Apple killing Apeture, photographers should invest in the Adobe ecosystem. While it will cost you at least you know it will be around for a while.

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