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Happy Single Awareness Day Messages and Quotes Feb 14

So, apparently today’s trending topic of the day is Singles Awareness Day: Feb. 14; which marks a “Holiday for People Not Involved in Romantic Relationships“. Singles celebrate by attending events, volunteering or gathering with family and friends. A Normal Day. What do you think?

“Happy Singles Awareness Day’ is your Facebook status. You tell all your married friends you’re content, enjoying the freedom of your singleness, and that you’re glad you didn’t have to plan a date and pay for a fancy dinner this year. You do all these things and yet, at the end of the night as you climb into your empty bed, loneliness and despair come crashing in, leaving you wondering why no one-perhaps not even God himself- Love you.”

Here the best greeting cards quotes for National Singles Awareness Day : 14 Feb

  1. Roses are RED, Violets are Blue.. My bed is way more comfortable without you.
  2. I won’t tell anyone that the flowers you got were actually from yourself.
  3. I’m not yours, you’re not mine .. Be my anti-Valentine.
  4. Watching a romantic comedy with you is fun, but not as fun as watching a romantic comedy with wine.
  5. I plan on getting real dirty this Valentine’s Day.
  6. My dog gives better kisses anyway.
  7. Honestly, I just didn’t want to shave my legs in February.
  8. I didn’t choose the single life, the single life chose me.
  9. Who cares about Happy Valentine’s Day, You’re Single and Fabulous !
  10. I am going to spend my Valentine’s Day with my true love… FOOD.
  11. Romance is stupid and love is for QUEERS !! Go dump your chick and lets Go get some BEERS

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