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The completion of high school marks a threshold into adulthood for many people. Increasingly, graduates are choosing to take a year off to work before continuing their studies at university after high school. Aside from students pursuing this path for financial reasons, it is argued breaking from education carries with it more disadvantages than advantages. This will be proven by looking at how pausing the learning process can lead students to academic disinterest and wasted time.

After High School

Firstly, students who break from their studies after high school are more likely to refrain from completing a college or university degree. For example, several of my graduating classmates in high school decided to take entry level jobs in sales for various high tech companies around our city instead of engaging in tertiary study. At the end of their first working year, the professional gain they experienced made it difficult for them to leave their jobs and they thus unfortunately abandoned plans of higher education. As this example shows, taking a year off before university is disadvantageous to high school students.

Further, often students who decide to work for a year instead of studying at university look back on this period as wasted time. For instance, most students who take a year off to not have the opportunity to work for high profile employers and thus must resort to working in unchallenging service jobs that teach them little. Instead of spending a year learning something, they run through a monotonous, unrewarding routine. This is yet another example of the disadvantages that come from taking a year off high school.

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After analyzing the above points, it has been proven that pausing formal education after high school brings about more disadvantages than advantages. It is advised future university hopefuls do not pander to the temptation of breaking their pattern of education.