honda unicorn

There is the good news for the Honda riders. The most rumor bike of the Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc is now available in the market. Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc is the most awaited bike for all the Honda riders. Sacar Treding Pvt. Ltd “The authorized dealer” of Honda Motorbike makes it available in the market of Nepal too. According to the executive chief of the dealer Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc will be available for the Nepalese from August 1ST.

Features, Design and Price of Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc:

The design and the others features of the new coming Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc are modified than previous models of Honda Unicorn. In the market of Nepal, it will be available at Nrs 2 lakhe 37 thousands 9 hundreds including all taxes.

Previously Honda Unicorn was available in only 150 cc, which gains the lots of support from the market of Nepal and India.

This newly coming Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc is the enhanced model of previous product. The Honda company believed that, this time Honda will gain the new height and popular among the Nepalese and Indians.

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CB Unicorn 160 cc will be available in 4 different colors viz imperial red metallic, grey metallic, pearl black and white.

The mileage of Unicorn CB 160 cc is expected 65 kilometer per liter. The maximum speed of the Unicorn CB 160 cc will be 110 km/hr. The total weight of the bike is 135 kg and is of 5 speed gears.

The enhancement on this new models are front aerodynamic cool, chiseled tank, new design of front and rare light and  also the silencer also makes sporty style. The HET engine brings Unicorn 160 cc more powerful than previous models.

In comparison to the pickup and the engine power Honda Unicorn CB 160 cc is best amongst the other models of the Honda. The new stylist looks of Unicorn CB 160 cc will rise up once again market of Nepal.

As per the assumption Unicorn CB will cross the Bajaj Pulsar market in Nepal since the reliability of engine.