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HSEB is the higher secondary education board of Nepal. Its office is located at sanothimi, bhaktapur. HSEB is established in 1989 under the chairmanship of minister of education. The act introduced by government of Nepal is higher secondary education act. According to this act the board is entitled with the responsibility to run 10+2 for our country in all area. HSEB board announced the education with language in both English and Nepali. But you may not find the Science stream education in Nepali language because HSEB applied compulsion of English language system in science stream. The major functions of HSEB are to prepare students for higher education, produce competitive human resource, direct youths for opportunities, provide education irrespective of region, caste and gender.

HSEB : Higher secondary education board hseb

Hseb has already introduced mark-slip with bar technology. This reform operates efficiently and very accurate as all the answer sheet has bar code attached with it. They operated this system since December 2013. The registration card will be provided after checking the photo through scanning process and with check in signature. This would benefit wrong student appearing in exam and trap those people trying to get fake transcripts. The HSEB has come up with a plan to use Virtual Private Network system to develop transcript, migration and provisional certificates, which is expected to end the malpractice of making fake certificates.

Every year Student appears in HSEB exams of Grade XI and Grade XII. The exams would be held before end of every fiscal year i.e before Asad. The results of Grade XI and XII would be published through HSEB web page (http://www.hseb.edu.np/result). You may enter click this link and click view result in the page. There you would be able to see a blank space providing facility to give your symbol number. You can type your symbol number and get your result instantly. Don not forgets to remember your birth date as they will ask you if you want to see your mark sheet on this page. After you get your results you must come to sanothimi, bhaktapur to collect your provisional, transcript and migration certificate. At that time please don’t forget your ID cards and citizenship card.