human brain

The human brain is the main organ of the human nervous system which is located in the head, protected by skull. As we read and listen many about the characteristics and function of brain. Here are the some facts that you may not know about the brain. Brain weighs 1.3-1.4 kg i.e. about 2% of total body weight. The human brain is composed of neurons, glial cells and blood vessels.


Human brain is the fattest organ of the body at around 60% fat. It has no pain receptors so it doesn’t feel anything. Doctors are able to perform pope in brain surgery on patients that are still awake. At any given time, human brain can generate up to 25 Watts of power that’s enough to power a light pole.

Despite the common myth that large human brain people are more smarts; Albert Einstein actually had a smaller brain. Speaking about the Einstein brain, pathologist did an autopsy and stole his brain and kept it for twenty years. Human brain have over 100,000 km blood vessels that is enough to wrap around the world 4 times.

Human brain continues to develop late 40’s and has the same consistency like tofu. Human brain have roughly 70,000 thoughts every day. Information can fly around human brain into 260 miles per hour.

Human brain was just about as big as it is now when you’re born. That’s one reason why babies have disproportionately large heads. Human brain is actually more active while sleeping. You bring accounts for about 2% of your mass but uses up to a quarter at your oxygen and energy. You can also survive with only one side of your brain.

Human Brain surgery is not something new. In the past some cultures practice trepidation or the active drilling holes in the brain to alleviate pain and cures sickness. There are more than 100,000 chemical reactions happening in human brain every second.

Human have more brain cells at the age of two than any other age in their lives. A woman’s brain changes during the pregnancy and take 6 months to regain its size. Experts estimate that over the course of a lifetime human brain in the 21’st century will retain up to one quadrillion pieces of information. Ancient people thought the stomach and heart are more important than brain. Egyptians even pull parts of the brain through the nose before modifying bodies.Contrary to popular belief you would only use 10% in your brain. Human brain is active all the time even though you sleep.