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Choosing an Immigration Program Canada | Canada Immigration

This is the continuous post for Canada Immigration. The second part is choosing an Immigration Program Canada. This is very crucial part of processing. Here we divide second part of Canada Immigration into several parts.


If you miss the First Part of Canada Immigration Process go through the Link below.

Part 1 : Determining Your Eligibility and Options


Let’s start Second Part of this process.

Part 2: Choosing an Immigration Program Canada


  • Evaluate the immigration Programs:

Your first task start in this step is gathering all information of all possible immigration programs in Canada. It is very important you make a right decision while choosing the immigration program in Canada. The immigration program that you choose must comply with your educational background, field of experience or your business background.


  • Express Entry Program :

Express Entry BC program categories:

  1. Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker
  2. Express Entry BC – Health Care Professional
  3. Express Entry BC – International Graduate
  4. Express Entry BC – International Post-Graduate


Express entry program is the very fastest immigration program of Canada. Express entry program is the very flexible immigration program in Canada immigration. This will be fit for those who just complete their college degree or those who have more than 2 years experience in professional field without having any college degree or those who are involved in the business and thinking about to start the new business in Canada. Thousands of people from around the world are obtaining the immigration visa of Canada from the express entry program.


Detailed Information of Express Entry & How It Works


  • Skilled Worker:

Skills Immigration program categories:

  1. Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker
  2. Skills Immigration – Health Care Professional
  3. Skills Immigration – International Graduate
  4. Skills Immigration – International Post-Graduate
  5. Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (Including employment in the Northeast Development Region of B.C.)


Those who have more than 2 years experience in any professional field or in any international company or have less academic qualification, Skilled Worker program is the best choice. It has three different levels:

1 ) Federal Skilled Worker Program:

Those who have work experience and want to live outside of Quebec, federal skilled worker program best fit.


Detailed Information of Federal Skilled Worker Program

2) Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

For those who want to live inside the Quebec and have work experience, Quebec skilled worker program is best choice

3 ) PNPs:

From PNPs program it is very fastest way to immigrate in Canada from your level of work experience. This immigration program is different in accordance to each province.


  • Quebec For Students and Workers:

Quebec is different than other immigration program. This immigration category is best fit for students and worker who are seeking to have permanent residence in Canada.


  • Family Class Sponsorship:

If you have your family, friends or relatives who are currently staying at Canada, they can sponsor you and this is the very quickest method to immigrate in Canada. This is the way that you can immigrate to Canada without any job offer.


Important Information:


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Part 3: Finalization of Process


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