Internet and web-based information are the main source for assignment and presentation. internet studentsThere is risk of cut-and-paste submission from internet which ultimately impacts on learning effectiveness. The questionnaire-based study was conducted in a Pokhara University, Kaski for the impact of Internet. Total 74 students are asked about their perception of internet impact on case method of learning. Analyses of the results reveal significant relationship with quantity of information available on internet to the effectiveness. The study is useful for educators who use, or intend to use, case studies in delivering a course, as it highlights issues, such as the learning objectives. This study also increases the knowledge about the internet impact on learning effectiveness.

There are two viewpoints on the impact of internet:
1.The Displacement Hypothesis
2. The Efficiency Hypothesis

The displacement hypothesis is based on the premise that the Internet has created a shift in people’s allocation of time during the day: more time on the Internet equals less time on other activities.

The frequency of internet use for case learning purpose varies by students. Frequency of use refers to the degree an experience is repetitive over time. The repetitive experience for student rests on approaches of studying. The three approaches to studying are Deep approach , Surface approach and strategic approach. Study habits at deep approach is to process the educational content for its meaning like examining the logic of the argument, relating concepts to everyday experience. Similarly, surface approach process the educational content at an informational level like focusing on requirements, focusing on discrete elements without integration etc for the study habits. And for the strategic approach the study habits is to process the educational content for the purposes of maximizing reward like focusing on maximizing grades , organizing time.

Access of internet information means an ability to enter, exit and make use of information available on internet. Internet information is protected through various authentication and security tools. However, students get access of information easily. The study had focused on the impact of access ( high or low ) of internet information to students on effectiveness of case method of learning.

Information has gone from scarce to superabundant. Internet is rich in volume and depth of information. This has provided opportunity of learning. However, on the other hand, students might also trap with the overload of information.