iPhone 6 S Camera
iPhone 6 S Camera : Features and New Updates iPhone 6 S Camera

The last but not least new things is the iPhone 6 S camera. The iPhone 6 S camera is rocking with a new 12 Megapixel sensor. Same flash and mostly the same optics and everything and just a new sensor within the iPhone 6 S camera.

You will take a lot of photos with iPhone 6 S camera probably because for testing and it’s new camera but also because iPhone consistently encourage taking photos. The camera interface has been some of the best balances of control and ease of use in any smartphone.

As you will love the Apps. It’s super fast and responsive and easy to take a great photo so you probably found iPhone 6 S plus also benefits from having optical image stabilization. So low light photos are a little bit cleaner and video looks a lot smoother.

Honestly you’re not going to notice like a whole ton of difference in detail getting 12 Megapixels versus 8 Megapixels but most of the improvements you notice actually see in the colors and the image processing. Not a whole, lot of sharpening going on but there’s still plenty of detail throughout the frames and you probably noticed colors are kind of warm throughout like every scene and that’s actually pretty natural and good representation of the actual subject.

It handles exposure great and dynamic range is pretty good sense HDR is never really too aggressive. Since, its auto HDR and something a little low light you start to see a little bit of noise as you would expect but overall nothing too crazy here and again this is pretty much all just walk up to the subject point-and-shoot now. Jumping form 8 Megapixels to 12 Megapixels means the iPhone 6 S camera finally has enough pixels to shoot that fork a video. As you might love so much.

And the video from the sensor is beautiful as expected. Now if you’re serious about the shooting a lot of video on the iPhone you pretty much have to go iPhone 6 S camera to get that optical image stabilization. But yeah more of the same characteristics show up here detail without being overly sharp and great exposure and dynamic range will not blowing things out. And accurate colors with warm tones all the way through.

New feature in the camera this year called life photos where you can take live photos which are enabled by the fall captures one and half seconds i.e. 0.5 seconds before and a half seconds after you press the shutter bottom for every picture…….. Read More

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